Cosmetic FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions :

Cosmetic Dentistry

It is the branch of dentistry which deals with the smile improving or smile enhancement procedures like Teeth Whitening, tooth coloured fillings, Ceramic Veneers, Ceramic Crowns, Alignment of teeth (which may be jetting out or reclining in or overlapping each other), making teeth appear long or short,etc.
Yes. Many dental offices can use the latest technology to offer you computer imaging, giving you a good idea of what you can look like after cosmetic dental improvements.
Cavities in teeth which are decayed can be filled either with silver amalgam or composite resins. All teeth in front are always filled with composite resin so it exactly matches your original tooth. Whereas posterior or your grinders can be filled with either composite resin or silver amalgam. Though silver fillings are more long lasting it will look black in colour which many may not like. It has also been associated with some systemic problems such as depression and it is banned in many countries.
Veneers are Thin layer (about .5 to.7 mm thick) of either composite or ceramic put or stuck on teeth. It is done to enhance smile, cover mildly discoloured teeth, to close spaces between teeth, reshape the teeth, to cover small enamel defects, to treat teeth in slightly malposition to make them look more straight, to cover up poor restorations, to cover wear patterns, etc. It's an excellent treatment to improve smile with very minimal grinding of teeth. Sometimes it's a very good alternative to making full crowns which involves grinding of teeth all around.