FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions :


Yes! Cosmetic gum raising and/or tissue sculpturing is an excellent choice. Majority of times it's a Combination of treatment done by Cosmetic Dentist, Periodontist, Orthodontist and Oral Surgeon. Your best bet is to visit a dental office that have all these specialists working together in the same facility.
Sometimes a gum graft can be done to cover sensitive roots and stop the downward progression of your gums. New techniques with little discomfort and great results are available. You may also need bonding, or other restorative treatment, as part of the treatment plan.
Usually a metal margin on a crown or a dark root. Look for a dentist who makes crowns with "porcelain margins or all ceramic crowns." Visit the dentist to determine the exact cause and best solution.

The Dark patches on the gums are mainly seen in black skin people. It can be treated with the help of ablasive gum therapy but it can tend to reappear.
No! A thorough soft tissue evaluation including x-rays, with a prophylaxis (cleaning) and good homecare instructions are an essential beginning. Usually bleeding is a beginning symptom of gingivitis or periodontal disease, and may require conventional gum surgery if necessary. Seek a dentist who can do different forms of treatment from simple cleaning of the teeth to antibiotic therapy, and, as a last resort, surgery.
Each person is different... once or twice a year is fine for majority of patients, but many patients may need to have a professional dental cleaning every 3 to 4 months due to high rate of plaque and tartar formation. Decay and gum disease are caused by bacteria in a colony that takes about 8-10 weeks to become destructive, or must be removed or broken up within this base period.
It may be coming from your teeth or gums,it can be due to improper cleaning of teeth, tongue, decayed tooth present in mouth, sometimes due to some systemic problem, but usually it's from bacteria colonizing on the back of the tongue.

Bad breath can be treated by treating the cause i.e. getting your teeth cleaned, filling of cavities, removal of badly decayed teeth, taking care of systemic problem combined with mouth wash prescribed by your dentist and in some cases taking the bacterial culture from the tongue.