Testimonials :

Dear Dr. Gandhi . I did not imagine any Dental Procedure that could be completed Without Pain. But the Root Canal You did was so exceptionally painless that even now I am surprised. Your warm & caring demeanour is just icing on the cake.

Varun Kaushik (Gahtkopar West)

The whole process is painless and very efficient.

Somya Agarwal (Goregaon E)

I have visited the Doctor for RCT and Fillings and I am quite satisfied and even astonished the way Dr. treated me. I never felt pain at any given time and felt like that I am hadwarm. I really appreciate and admire the effort and kindness of the Doctor and Staff.

Rajesh Kumar Shukla (Sion)

Dr. Gandhi changed My Smile! I have been under his care for 14 years and I wouldn't dream of going elsewhere. I plan my visits around his treatment schedule and I have never experienced such care, expertise and First Class treatment anywhere. I trust Dr. Gandhi with my teeth, health and smile and highly recommended his treatments to everyone.
Thank You from the Bottom of my Heart to Dr. Gandhi and his caring staff.

Kunjal Shah (Cambridge MA USA)

Dr. Gandhi has been treating me for past 7 years. The quality of treatment has been fantastic. Dr is extremely helpful and explains any query you have. The staff are excellent as well clinic is extremely clean & hygienic. Apparatus used are all high quality & hygienic.

Pallav Jain (New Castle UK)

Doctor is very Professional. Very Good treatment, very fast & Efficient. Would like to continue further treatments with him in Future.

Mr.Elkan, Osher, Shalon & Mrs. Esther Akshikar (ISRAEL)

Very Happy with the treatment. Very Comfortable & place is also very Hygenic.

Mrs. Hetal Badani

The Treatment was done Comfortably with Utmost Care Taken.

Pranay Shah (Nashik)

I’m glad that I met Dr. Gandhi. I have had a history of bad Doctors who given me Wrong Treatment and done an horrible job on my teeth, as a result I have suffered many cavities and cavities that led to Root Canals. DR.GANDHI IS A NON COMMERCIAL DOCTOR and one stop solution to all your teeth problem. He has been extremely patient with me Specially when I’m very tooth Sensitive. THANK YOU FOR PAINLESS TREATMENT !

Pooja Thorat Advocate

I found an expert, honest and Genuine Human Being a “Karma Yogi” in Dr Gandhi. It was my Good fortune to get treatment from him & the entire team at Gandhi Advanced Dental Care. Heart Felt ‘Thank You’ for all support.

Mrs. Dhanshree U. Patki
(IDBI -Aurangabad Branch Manager)

Very Happy & satisfied with Dr . Gandhi’s Work on my teeth. I had teeth Implants done and I found his treatment upto the mark. Very gentle and Caring in his approach to a patient.

Hutokshi N. Aga

Treatment was very excellent & satisfied.

Deepak Topale

Really happy with the work , immensely satisfied.

Viha Nagrecha

Was suffering from dental problems for past year but was hesitant to go to my old doctor, as my experience was not good and I didn’t have that level of trust. Hence I kept delaying . It was only after lots of positive feedback and immense persuation by my friends & family did I visit Dr. Gandhi for treatment .
Dr. Gandhi is undoubtedly among the WORLD’s BEST that I can say after being treated under him. All his equipments are upto date. Extreme Hygiene conscious the way he works on teeth is amazing . If Dentistry were an art , he is the PABLO PICASSO. He as a human being is very kind , honest ,punctual and not at all greedy, which is great but rare thing in his profession. He has become more of a friend and the level of trust I have with him is amazing . I am extremely happy to have found him and also because I know I am in safe hands.... sorry ..... Safest hands . Thanks a lot to Dr. Gandhi and he is always their on toes but the best support staff one can have for making me believe and realise that good Dentist do exsits who are extremely passionate about their job and profession.

Hersh Choksi

Dear Dr. Gandhi,
Me & My family have been visiting you for our treatment for the longest time. I would like to share my Personal feelings with you.
You are one of the FINEST DOCTOR among the TOP category of Doctors.
All the TOP category doctors give an excellent treatment and it will be difficult to Compare as to who is the Best?
When Me & My family compares You with other top level Doctors, I would say you are THE BEST for following reasons : a) You are true professional and whatever you do , you do it with passion (Doctors with so many Years of experience take their work for granted but you Don’t). Every Patient in your clinic is treated with passion by you.
b) You respect all Patients and treat everyone with your Personal Touch.
c) You are punctual. Keep reminding them of their appointment and never make anyone wait.
d) I have not seen cleanliness of this type in any Consulting Room and the cleanliness of your apparatus which is the most important aspect in these days.
e) Your Charges are Reasonable. Even middle class man can afford.
It is amazing that after so many years of practice you have always maintained consistency.

With kind Regards.- R.G. Bhambhani.

CAPT. R.G.Bhambhani

I have been visiting Dr. Kaushik Gandhi’s clinic since last 10 years . Whenever I visit India from U.K. I’m very sensitive on who I choose as my Dentist as my case has been particularly complicated due to different dentists working on my teeth. And most have taken advantage of my situation and not done their right job. After meeting Dr. Kaushik Gandhi, I realised how good he is in what he does. Not only he made all my ongoing problems go away, but improved my general health and oral hygiene. Last year he performed a procedure on me, where all the other dentist in U.K. said it’s a gone case and I would have to live with it. When I came to him with this problem of mine,, he not only reassured me that it’s possible and will be done within the week. I was so very impressed with his confidence . he is the Best Dentist I have ever visited. So I would highly recommend him to people who need a good dentist and who have suffered like I have in the past by other dentist...!

Apurva Shah (U.K.)