Orthodontics :

Orthodontics essentially, is the correction of mouth and the facial irregularities to bring teeth, lips,and jaws into proper alignment, correcting problems such as crowding, overbite, underbite, teeth jutting out, etc. and closing spaces.

This is one of the most technical areas of dentistry requiring higher levels of experience, skill and training. We take care of all this and any other general treatment required from time to time during this procedure all under one roof.

It is specially important that you take careful consideration when choosing an orthodontist.

We offer technologically advanced comprehensive orthodontic treatment for both adults and children and we are proud to say that our track record and credentials are admired all over. We excel not just in terms of past experience, but also in the advancements of procedures such as invisible braces, maintainers, fixed and removable appliance therapy, and functional and orthopaedic procedures, to name a few.

Due to advancements and upgradations from time to time we make the whole process much easier, faster, more convenient and more pleasant for the patient than had ever been possible before.