FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions :

Other Treatments

This requires a visit to a dentist or oral surgeon who treats temporomandibular problems. Sometimes these problems require no treatment.
Do the dental treatment first and optimize your smile. That way, you will not have someone tugging on your lip or cheeks.
No problem. Although orthodontics is the ideal way to correct this condition, sometimes an alternative method using restorative treatment with bonding, laminating, or full crowns can make a pleasing result.
X-rays show a variety of things not seen by a visual exam, including bone loss, tooth decay, impacted teeth, some tumors, and cysts. Most dental x-ray machines today are low dosage. For the very concerned patient, a new technology called radiovisiography uses the lowest amount of radiation. For instance, an entire set of complete x-rays is equal to one conventional x-ray using 90% less radiation.
Have a teeth cleaning (prophylaxis), full mouth x-rays, and periodontal probing to determine why they are loose. Chances are you will want to have a consultation with a periodontist to help determine the cause and develop a plan to treat the condition.
The first step is to arrange for a cosmetic evaluation as your lipline (smileline) can be evaluated and proposed correction can be shown to you using computer imaging. This way you can be certain you will like the look of the new dentures.